Saturday, October 14, 2017

Support The ActivistArtistA Bay Gates Project

Since 2011 the ABGProjects has provided the community and it's local artists and outdoor curated gallery for all to enjoy. The colorful and vibrate murals allow  visitors, filmmakers, videographers, news agencies, and tour professionals a free backdrop for a variety of purposes from family photos, grauduation photographes, sports teams and even a few music videos free of charge.
The artists that participate donate their time and talent to the project which extends throughout The Boynton Beach Art District, many time working with students and childrens organizations to produce work that educates and enhances our day to day experiences of art.
The funds you donate will go to the cost of paint and paint supplies for the artists, childrens organizations, and schools that participate each year since 2011.

Please join me in raising the funds needed to initiate and complete this years Re-Paint It! of the murals. 

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