The Boynton Beach Art District

Boynton Beach Art District

422 W. Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

Where Art Comes Alive!
Every 4th Thursday of the month!

BBAD, Boynton Beach Art District
serves as an incubator space where all art forms including urban gardens a scene dedicated to creating an environment where art comes alive. 

786/ 521-1199

Palm Beach County

An alternative contemporary art scene has quietly been growing over the years amid rows of industrial warehouses where rusty bulldozers serve as easels for artwork; where abstract metal sculptures complement the industrial strip; and where a shaded sitting area next to a studio gallery offers a homey nook as big trucks zoom by.- City of Boynton Beach

Boca/Delray Magazine: 

Taste History Culinary Tour 
Boca Woods Country Club to Boynton Beach Art District

Tasty Tour. Residents from the Boca 
Woods Country Club wee treated to an
epicrean delight on a recent Taste History
Culinary Tour of Historic Delray Beach and 
Boynton Beach, The tour infused food tastings,
art viewing and history with visits to seven eateries
plus art galleries, and tours of the Pineapple 
Grove Arts District and the Boynton Beach Art
District. The tour was organized and led by Lori
J. Durante who developed the non-profit Taste 
History Culinary Tour Program.

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Palm Beach County
Convention and Visitors Bureau

Boynton Beach Art District

"Palm Beach's most vibrant and exciting place to see art, enjoy music..."

This Thursday, June 27, 2013
6-10 PM

Boynton Beach Art District
Boynton Beach is Palm Beach's most vibrant and exciting place to see art, enjoy music, and participate in many education programs. Monthly Art Walks are scheduled for the 4th Thursday of the month. Art buffs or anyone interested in something cool, genuine, and local are behooved to take note of this expanding community. There are live events and art sales there regularly.
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ActivistArtistA Wins!


Best of Broward / Palm Beach® 2013

Best Art Walk - 2013

ActivistArtistA Gallery
422 West Industrial Ave.
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

BBAD on Thursdays: Art WALK
Every 4th Thursday of the Month

ActivistArtistA Art Walk

The strip of warehouses off of Boynton Beach's Industrial Avenue, just a block west of I-95, was home to old machine parts, drab faƧades, and a couple of high-end galleries that have been around since the '80s. Now, it's nearly all filled with art. Things began to turn around for the area when artist and gallery owner Rolando Chang Barrero moved up from South Beach, turning his studio into a gallery and taking the reins on the newly developing Boynton Beach Arts District. With a crew of like-minded arts advocates including Lea Vendetta, Andrew Ackerman, Alexia Hemingway, and Chan Shepard of the KeroWACKED Crew, a growing collection of projects meant to infuse and inspire the area with art, and new galleries popping up like weeds, it's no surprise a monthly art walk brings in the community. Apart from spearheading the Bay Gates Project, which assigns a different artist to paint a warehouse gate each month, Barrero's ActivistArtistA gallery also sponsors the Boynton Beach Arts District Art Walk. Visitors can expect to see open galleries and studio spaces, open-jam musical performances, food trucks, raffles, and lots more arts-fueled surprises on the fourth Thursday of each month.


Sun Sentinel : Boynton's road to recovery!

Photo by Andrew Colton
By Attiyya Anthony, Sun Sentinel
Boynton's road to recovery!
"As the city develops, so does it's art," said public art administrator Debby Coles-Dobay.
The Art in Public places program requires every developer to set aside a portion of their budget to bring art into the city limits.
"Art improves creativity in everyone's daily lives," Coles-Dobay said. "Public art stimulates the focus on a cultural economy and assists with economic development."
"Corporations look at quality of life when they relocate, they don't want to move to places that don't have those services," she said.
Art has become a major part of the city's development. In February, the city hosted that nation's first ever International Kinetic Art Symposium. The event attracted over 2,000 visitors from as far away as Switzerland to watch the city's art forms in motion.
Last month, Rolando Chang Barrero — the sole-organizer for Boynton's Art District, held a community project to revitalize an old industrial area into the city's Art District.
Close to 1,500 people came out to help.
"Our art is world class art, akin to any large city. There are a lot of great artists and musicians that live here that go to Key West and other markets, we had to open the door so a market could exist here," Barrero said.
The Boynton Beach Art District 
404-422 West Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach, FL
contact: Rolando Chang Barrero at 786-521-1199

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