Saturday, March 25, 2017

ART CALL: #Artists4BlackLivesMatter Comes to Palm Beach County:

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Exhibition and Workshop

Artists for Black Lives Matter Exhibition at ActivistArtistA Gallery
During the KeroWACKED Multimedia Festival

DEADLINE for Submissions For Exhibition: April 10, 2017

For Exhibition on Sunday, April 16th 2017 at The Boynton Beach Art District during the KeroWACKED Multimedia Festival
Details: 12 x 12 panels of cardboard, (cut from a box, or an old album cover will suffice!) 
Theme: Expressions of solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.

It can be poetry, paintings, slogans, collages, with themes of honoring the fallen, envisioning futures, exalting the lives of black people- however you want to express yourself on it. We spray painted panels white and then worked on it, but do what feels right for you. 

Action: After the exhibition is over, the panels will travel with #Artists4BlackLivesMatter to future events and exhibitions.

Requirents: Add #ArtistsForBlackLivesMatter #a4blm somewhere on the piece, and we hope to take pictures of them out and about under these hashtags. And hopefully others will take pictures and post them as well. 


We will gather at the Boynton Beach Art District to make 12 x 12 cardboard panels for the latest Artists for Black Lives Matter Panel Wall exhibition! 

Artists for Black Lives Matter #a4blm is dedicated to intersectionality and would love to see plenty of that being expressed through art.
Artistic ability is helpful but not needed. EVERYONE's voice matters!
Please join us for productive discussion, fun conversation, drinks and Popcorn
Please feel free to bring art supplies & old magazines to contribute to the panel making.


Artists for Black Lives Matter Exhibition and Workshop

Sunday, April 16th 2017

ActivistArtistA Gallery
KeroWACKED Multimedia Festival

The Boynton Beach Art District
410 West Industrial Ave
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426

Drop off date and shipping info:
No Later Than April 10, 2017

The Box Gallery

811 Belvedere Road

West Palm Beach, Florida 33405


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